søndag den 25. november 2012

Counting Down

Every year the kids and I make a plan to create our very own advent calendar to countdown the days until Christmas.  This year, we did it and used all of those amazing papers and tags from Riddersholm.  Using a 7 Gypsies divided frame (twelve sections) this is now our 12 Days of Christmas advent calendar we can bring out year after year.

Each section  is layered with Christmas Story/I Believe papers and tags.  I have also included other vintage finds, stamped images and mini tins to hold a little treasure inside for each day.

What will you be creating this year to decorate your home? Maybe this project will inspire you to create your very own calendar this year.  Enjoy!


5 kommentarer:

  1. This is sooo gorgeous Andrea, even thoug I would have loved to see a picture of the entire calendar, but all the work looks awesome.

  2. I actually wasn't able to finish the top three sections (1 - 3) due to our busy holiday week here, but will post it on my personal blog next week.

  3. FABULOUS project Andrea! WOW! Love all of the special attention to detail and the fun what nots!!