lørdag den 16. februar 2013

Vintage Chic Spring

Looking for a challenge today?  Why not head on over to Pinterest to get those creative wheels movin'.  Time for a little vintage chic to welcome the coming of spring.  Headed over there a couple of days ago and found this adorable photo just waiting to inspire me.

Picked up some yarn and went to work on my little chick.  Created by forming and trimming two pom-poms tied together.  Added little felt feet, felt beak and glass beads for eyes.

In need of a comfy home, embellished a wooden basket and added folded strips of Bello Pastello paper to fill the inside. 

Completed the basket with a satin, fabric, felt and lace flower and a stamped paper flag.  Once she was all tucked away in her little basket, created a card to match.

Added the fabric trim by tearing strips of fabric and braiding them, stitching the ends to ensure they would not come apart.

And that is how I was inspired to create a little vintage chic spring.  What inspires you today?


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