torsdag den 3. juli 2014

Austria part 1

I recently went to Austria to visit colleagues at an Austrian school. Of course, the journey was mostly about work, but we still had our fair opportunities to see quite a bit of the surroundings in gorgeous Upper Austria, with a bit of hiking, sightseeing and driving around. We tried the local food (didn't like the sauerkraut very much, the rest I loved!) at the local gasthaus and the local schnaps as well ;-). I dragged my camera along, of course, and I decided to make an 8X8' travel album with some of the photos.

My first layout is of the view I woke up to the first morning, with the morning mist rising from the river Enns deep down in the valley. Can you imagine waking up to this every morning? It's breathtaking, and I spent most of my time there in awe of the mountains.
I've again used the corner swirl from Wycinanka, but I have divided it here to frame the photo a bit differently. I kept the layout fairly simple to keep focus on the photo.
I'll be back later with more layouts for my album.

Happy scrapping!

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  1. Gorgeous album, and I totally agree with you, Austria is a wonderful and amazing country. I´ve been there myself to visit friends and the good things of visiting this way is, that you get to see things you would never have seen, if it wasn´t because you know some locals, cause then you really get to see the best pearls like this.