fredag den 23. januar 2015

Summer Memories with Vintage Ventures

It's time to start planning what to do this summer. My kids have a lot of ideas, but one thing is for sure - we will return to wonderful Gothemburg, the second largest city here in Sweden. This photo is from last summer, when we spent a few days exploring this beautiful city.
I love the steampunk feel there is to the Vintage Venture collection, so I tried to emphasize
it a little with some chipboard gears.
 Here's another close-up.
So, happy Friday, everyone, and I hope you get a lot of time to be creative this weekend!


2 kommentarer:

  1. Absolut gorgeous work, and I also totally agree about the city, where I´ve been several times in the past too, it´s a beautiuful city soo ful of life and exitement everywhere, and you´ve caught the feeling really well in this page here.

  2. Wonderful layout, love that you added the gears and gold flecks, it adds some nice texture to it. Lovely photo too.