torsdag den 26. juli 2012

Recipe box

Hi! I’m back with another quick and simple project to share today – a recipe box. I’ve started a new life health wise and thought I’d collect my new healthy recipes in one place on recipe cards. So I made templates for the cards in Word, ready to just write in ingredients and instructions and then print, and a box to hold them.

For this project I used the fabulous Huntington Garden papers.


The box is the easiest EVER, take a 12x12 paper, fold at 3” and 6”, turn the paper one quarter and score at 3” and 9”. Fold all the lines and cut into the 3 and 9 lines to the first intersections of the 3 and 6 lines on both sides. Trim the tall outer section to form the rounded edges. Glue together and you are done. Takes 5-10 minutes. Perfect to store cards in too.


Have a great day!


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