torsdag den 12. juli 2012

with a little color...

When your in need of a little color, it is time to pick up some Ink-It flowers and create something all your own.  Today I wanted to share a simple coloring technique that will create the perfect flower embellishment for your project.  All you need to begin is a small bowl of water, flowers and your favorite glimmer mist.
Begin by adding glimmer mist to the water.  Stir as needed.  Take the Ink-It flower and dunk it into the mist/water blend until the flower begins to soak up the mixture.  Allow to dry fully before adding to your project.  If you notice, once the flower is dry the petals change shape and the color is present throughout.  To add a second color you can repeat the technique.
These flowers were added to both the card and felt bird ornament.  A perfect color when paired with Riddersholm papers and trims.

Riddersholm Supplies: The Day Before, Huntington Garden, Flea Market, Happy Party, ribbon, Ink-It Flowers.


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  1. Ohhh, what a darling card and bird. Wonderful! LOVE the flowers!!!