mandag den 26. august 2013

Always Remember

Life isn't always happy, and scrapbooking isn't always about remembering those bright, sunny days when everything went your way. It can also be a big help in getting through not-so-happy times. I made this layout to honor a friend who passed away completely unexpectedly and way too early. I was still a bit in shock by the suddenness of his passing, and I really felt the need to create something to sort my emotions out.
The brown envelope contains a note with some very private journaling and an orbituary, always safe and always remembered. There is something very therapeutical about scrapbooking, and making this layout just made everything a little bit easier. Rest in peace, my friend, and let that big, happy smile of yours brighten the days for the angels until we meet again.

I have used some wonderful papers from the Fall Flea Market collection, which I thought were perfect for the occasion, and also some amazing chipboard pieces from Wycinanka.

Take care, everyone!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sorry for your loss.
    Your layout is amazing even if circumstances behind it were not.
    Hopefully you will remember the best and smile.

    Happy Crafting