onsdag den 17. februar 2016

"Life is Prety Wonderful" Lay-Out


It's Romy here today and I would like to show you a vintage lay-out I made using some wonderful papers from the Christmas Cosy and Newport collections. I love the fact that different Riddersholm Design blend together really well and had lots of fun mixing these two collections to create this layout. 

My design consists of many layers. I teared the edges of a few papers and used them to create a nice composition at the top of my lay-out. 

I further decorated my layout with a resin angels, several flowers, cut out butterflies and a chipboard banner. I also used gold glitter to add several glitter touches to my layout.

I hope you liked my lay-out!
Thank you for stopping by!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Such a beautiful and great lay out you´ve shared here Romy. I love all the layers in it it makes it all look much more interesting in my eyes. Great job here, well done.