torsdag den 25. februar 2016

Newport Easel Card

Today I want to show you, how I made this Easel card.
Here in Denmark it is still cold, but some days the sun is shining and I long for a day by the beach. 

This Easel Card is made with papers from the gorgeous Newport serie with beach theme.
Below you will see some pictures to descripe the Tutorial of this Card.

I have used a die from Waltzing Mouse Stamps for my cardbase. It is scalloped and stitched, but you can use any other die in the size you wish. The first part of the base has to be twofold. As you see, I have folded my cardstock and the edge of the die (over top of the card) must not cut the cardstock when you run it through your die-cutting maschine.

 At the right side you see the twofold cardstock opened. Now you have to make a scoreline at the middle, where the bone folder is placed on the picture. Now fold the card again in half and by the new scoreline you must fold opposite from the first fold. The two pieces at the left side are made with the same size die as your card-base. They will be your front and back of your card-base.

I make both the front and the back piece, so that my card-base have the same scalloped and stitched edges all around the card when it is ready for decoration.

Then glue the front and back to the two-folded card base.

Now your card-base is ready for decoration.

I have made these pieces for my decoration. 
Front+back: The "lightblue" pieces are 0,5 cm smaller than the sides of the card-base. And the designpaper pieces are 1,0 cm smaller than the sides of the card-base.
For the inside pieces: 
Cut 2 pieces "Lightblue" 1,0 cm smaller than the sides of the card-base, and cut them in half. 
Cut 2 designpaper pieces 1,5 cm smaller than the sides of the card-base and cut them in half.

The front of the card. I have used 3D foam.

The inside of the card. The upper 3 parts (3/4) is glued to the card-base. The lower part: cardstocks are added with 3D foam. When you add the lower 1/4 of the inside with 3D foam, you ensure, your easel card can stand up by it self. (You could add an embellishment instead)

From the side.

It stand by it self.

Inside of the decorated card.

The frame is made in a silicone mould. The sentiment is from a cut-out sheet.
The snail shells, I have collected by the beach, and boiled them to avoid bad smell.

At the flowers I have used my Wink of Stella Clear to get a fine touch of glitter. 
Love it :-)

Thanks for visiting the blog today and have a nice day.


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  1. Et superflot kort Anne-Mette, og et easelcard er altid såå herligt, da det ligesom gír lidt mere og er så nemt at dekorere også. Og det har du virkelig gjort elegant. Rigtig flot.

  2. Virkelig et super lækkert kort. Og skøn farvekombination.
    Kh. Anette

  3. Breathtaking! Thank you for the tutorial. Happy Springs from the eastern plains of New Mexico, USA

  4. Breathtaking! Thank you for the tutorial. Happy Springs from the eastern plains of New Mexico, USA