mandag den 19. september 2011

A heartbook

I have made a little book, with all different sizes of hearts.
I have used Turqoise Hills, and all the images are also from Riddersholm.
Very easy to make and you can do this with any kind of shape you like, just take one shape, different sizes and make it yours. Punch a litlle hole in the top and use some ribbon or robe.
And instead of using images you can also use pictures and make it a gift.
Have a wonderful day.
Hugs Dora

9 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, an amazing heart book!!! Totally perfect, love all of it :))

  2. All the layerd hearts this is to COOL!!!

  3. Hvor er det bare smukt. Og super romantisk.

  4. Wau...hvor er det sødt...Skønt papir ;-)

  5. Ohh my this is beautyful - love the soft colors and the large flowers

  6. Dear Conny,
    I Just arrived at you blog. Oh my, do I love your art and creative mind! I'll be watching this blog closely, thank you for giving us so much of your time and mind. You make so wonderful and lovely works! I enjoyed the visit on your site. Many thanks for your beautiful inspirations!!
    Many warm Hugs from Marina from Germany
    I invited you gently to visit my creative Website:

  7. I love this mini it's so wonderful!
    Greetings Maia

  8. здорово, очень красиво