tirsdag den 28. oktober 2014

Another announcement :o)

Today I would like to welcome the 2 next brand new members of the Riddersholm Design Team.
I am very happy and proud to introduce:

Lisa Rasmussen

Jeg er en årgang 66 og bor i Ølstykke hvor jeg bor sammen med Johnny og vores 17 årige datter Kira.
Jeg er uddannet blomsterdekoratør men har siden 2007 arbejdet som indendørs gartner.
Jeg har altid været kreativ med mange forskellige ting, men da jeg i 2006 blev introduceret til scrapbooking var jeg "forelsket" og jeg er stadig total vild med denne fantastiske hobby.
Jeg laver både æsker, kort og layout og jeg bevæger mig rundt i flere forskellige stilarter, elsker både det feminine og det maskuline look og mine projekter indeholder altid en masse detaljer, for jeg elsker detaljer.

Ilona Zbieg

My name is Ilona Zbieg but my ‘scrapbooking’ name is Teo. I am 36 now, 2 kids, husband, cat & parrot J . I emigrated from Poland to Ireland with whole my family 9 years ago and we are well settled in now.

I love my new home for a green colour, beautiful mountains, amazing castles and fabulous cliff coasts.

For last 6 years I have been expressing myself mainly through paper work – cards, albums, LOs and so on.

Making LOs is a great change from small forms I made every day. It is still bit new for me but I am continuously trying to develop that area of scrapbooking. Bit of fun bit of challenge with slight advantage of fun.

My dream is that my hobby will become my work one day and also that all my work would be piece of art straight from my heart.

I am looking forward to see beautiful creations and high creativity from these girls.

I must say I think I have a really amazing DT.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow another Irish transplant! Love your work!

  2. Lisa, love your gorgeous cards, so excited to be working with everyone!

  3. I´m sure you´ll get the most amazing work from these girls. I already know Lisa and her wonderful work, and know, we´re all in for a real treat with her, and I´m very sure, that Ilona will bring the same to us as well. And with your gorgeous papers, it can only be a match made in heaven. You and us are very very lucky to get such talented girls on the team, that´s for sure, and I definitely look forward to see, what they´ll both bring us here in the future, and I can hardly wait now.
    Have a wonderful day everyone and lots of great fun.