tirsdag den 8. december 2015

Two Last Minute Christmas Cards | Christmas Cosy

Hello everyone, today I have two very quick Christmas cards for you.  

Who does not collect the scraps of papers? For this, I cut strips of the pieces and made those Christmas cards. If you would like to send at the last minute cards, this is the solution :)

You just cut strips. As background, I've used a text stamp and glued a strip of corrugated cardboard. Then i placed the strips, glued them to a tree and added some sequins. 

There is a moodboard Challenge going on... Don't miss your chance to send your entry :) We can't wait to see your creations :) CLICK HERE to find more infos.

Moodboard Challenge!

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Hope you'll enjoy your day ♥


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  1. Beautiful cards here as always Dunja, and even your scraps you can get to look like a million ha ha ha. Great idea to use them this way, as we can always use ideas for how to use those scraps, that I´m sure, we´re all saving ha ha ha