fredag den 27. juli 2012

Hang It Up

Most often I find myself creating something that can hang in my craft room for inspiration, pops of color and gives me a little pick-me-up on those down days.
This set today does it all.  Featuring beautiful Riddersholm ribbon, papers, tags and the amazing new mulberry flowers.  Layers of leaves, which I adhered to a die cut circle wreath, sprinkled with adhesive pearls and topped with one layered flower.  Here is how you create this flower.
Begin by using one of these flowers.  Remove the green leaf portion of the flower, unless you like the green color on the flower petals.  Soak in a shallow bowl of water until the flower is wet.  Set on a towel or napkin.  Carefully begin spreading the petals out from the center.  The bottom two layers will remove themselves.  Allow to dry.  For the second flower follow my post HERE.  Once both flowers are dry, adhere together.
And, this set is not complete without a card. Have a wonderful Friday!


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